Intelligent Movement

for Inquisitive Minds

with Sonja Johansson


About Sonja.

"Sonja is a person whose open heart and ability to teach is outstanding. I have had the good fortune of attending many classes taught by Sonja and participating in trainings with her for almost a decade now.
-- Sandi, 65, Marketing Director


"As a person rehabilitated from major bone injuries - this was the one practice I could do with ease and felt so flexible after the first session.

Highly recommend Sonja Johansson to help anyone wanting to improve flexibility, health, self awareness snd reconstruction to our whole body & mind."

- Dawn Stemmer

"Sonja’s experience brings a powerful and truly holistic vision for discovering movement that creates a sense of change and wellbeing. Her work covers flexibility, range of movement, strength, and postural realignment.

In just two weeks of her 20 minute daily class I have recovered movement and a sense of freedom in my ribs and spine that have been frozen for quite some time. "

- Judy Hacking