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Nordic Walking

Sonja knows her Nordic walking like no other in NYC. Whether you're a beginner or want to take your walking with poles up a notch, she is your teacher.

I highly recommend her classes.

- Anastasi

Sonja is an amazing teacher and very skilled at breaking down the not-so-obvious coordination between hands/poles and feet. And then there's the rest of ourselves that needs to participate with the movements. A few well-placed suggestions from her had me exploring subtle cues to find when to lengthen through the top of my head and how to use the poles to greatly increase power in the walking (with commensurate increase in speed when desired).

I just ordered my Nordic poles. This is going to be fun, better exercise (yay upper body strength), and good for knee health. Thanks, Sonja.

- Bob

Quick, sign up for a Nordic Walk with Sonja! Guaranteed to get those endorphins going. She is an amazing instructor. Inspiring, knowledgeable and joyous. I was a virgin Nordic Walker and it was not only fun but informative. Can’t wait to do it again. Just the kind of workout I was looking for outdoors. 

- Janie

Private Hands On Feldenkrais Sessions

During a particularly heinous injury, bilateral adhesive captulitus, I reached out to Sonja.  I had known of Sonjas work, and her reputation as a master body worker.  I was in so much pain, wracked with shame and emotionally broken that I hesitated booking a session.  Then I booked.  What had I been waiting for! 

The first session was a game changer for my pain management,  emotional healing, empowering my spirit, and navigating my broken body in a gentle, kind, light manner, with results exceeding any other form of treatment.  With further sessions my body, mind, spirit improved immensely.  

Sonja is a master of her craft, her skills exceptional,  and her imparting of knowledge impactful and profound.  Sonja is a light, and a joy.  I cannot recommend her more highly.

- Kaye

Thank you so much for the terrific session. My hip is feeling improved, and thus so is my whole outlook on my senior years. I’m so impressed by the sophistication of the exercises you gave me, and they have been super effective. I love that they are so three dimensional, and work on the principles of active, rather than passive, stretching. I am grateful that you helped me understand the anatomy and functioning of the hip structure, which helps motivate me and do the exercises accurately.

A hip injury instantaneously made this 68-year-old feel quite elderly, but the improvement I’m enjoying has counteracted that. Thanks so much for sharing your expertise. It’s such a pleasure to work with you. 

- Melanie

I am changing in depth from the way I walk to the way I stand and my awareness of my body has increased 100 fold thanks to the watchful and very skilled of Sonja.


She knows the body inside out and has an uncanny approach that deals with my hip issue and shoulder issue in such a gentle way that I would almost dismissed its effect if I did not feel immediately an improvement in my posture and my walk.


So I recommend Feldenkrais to any one who is serious about going in depth about ones health as the body structure needs to be sound so that the muscles and balance can increase when one grows older. It is all gentle and very deep that is why I like this method. 

- Yasmine

for Feldenkrais Classes - Awareness Through Movement

That was amazing. After I had a skiing accident and I couldn’t move my shoulder. At the end I could move it more it a lot more to the right side. and the range the was almost probably about able to fully extend. But in the direction that was really restricted, it improved about 25%. Which is more than I’ve had with treatment over the last 6 weeks. So that was great!

- Caroline

After the session today I practiced my violin. I am a beginner. Every time after I do a Feldenkrais class I feel my body go into a better alignment. Therefore my timing is better, and the sound more much fun!! 

- Amy

As an ex-dancer, I've studied and engaged in many therpeutic forms of exercise, movement and realignment, including yoga, Alexander, massage, chiropractic, Rolfing, breathwork, Pilates, physical therapy, and more. 

While all of these practices have value, the most effective and transformative for me by far has been Feldenkrais, especially as taught by Sonja Johansson. Her deep knowledge of the human body and the psychology of making physical changes makes her an ideal teacher of this profound therapeutic form.

- Melanie

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