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Nordic Walking

Sonja knows her Nordic walking like no other in NYC. Whether you're a beginner or want to take your walking with poles up a notch, she is your teacher.

I highly recommend her classes.

- Anastasi

Sonja is an amazing teacher and very skilled at breaking down the not-so-obvious coordination between hands/poles and feet. And then there's the rest of ourselves that needs to participate with the movements. A few well-placed suggestions from her had me exploring subtle cues to find when to lengthen through the top of my head and how to use the poles to greatly increase power in the walking (with commensurate increase in speed when desired).

I just ordered my Nordic poles. This is going to be fun, better exercise (yay upper body strength), and good for knee health. Thanks, Sonja.

- Bob

Quick, sign up for a Nordic Walk with Sonja! Guaranteed to get those endorphins going. She is an amazing instructor. Inspiring, knowledgeable and joyous. I was a virgin Nordic Walker and it was not only fun but informative. Can’t wait to do it again. Just the kind of workout I was looking for outdoors. 

- Janie

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